CBSE Directs Schools to Conduct FA4 in Accordance With CCE Scheme

By | July 4, 2018

CBSE Directs Schools to Conduct FA4 in Accordance With CCE Scheme

As per suggestion of Kothari Commission about examination reforms, the Government of India created the National Policy on Education in the year 1986 to invent a deliberated and considered process of learning and teaching.   To identify the learning needs, difficulties and concept gap the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system was introduced, which reduces the stress of children and boost up for better learning.

According to Right of children to free and compulsory Education act 2009. Everyone has that right have free education for the age of 6 years to 14 years. It will highlight the all-round development of children in building up their potentiality with the development of physical and mental ability.  To work towards CCE implementation, the RTE prohibits any external examination up to elementary level.   

CBSE Directs Schools to Conduct FA4 in Accordance

The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a school-based evaluation of students. In this the continuous is meant for the evaluation of identified aspects of student’s growth and development is a continuous process. Comprehensive meant to cover both academic and non-academic aspects of the student’s growth and development.  It aimed to assess the learner to develop in the area of knowledge, understanding, applying, analyzing, Evaluating and Creating.

The central board of secondary education has introduced the  Continuous and comprehensive evaluation scheme in its schools in a phased manner  In the year 2004  it implemented the scheme in primary classes 1 to 5.  In addition to the content of pass / fail system up to class V, it is focused on the aspects of child development in this stage.  Achievement records for primary classes were developed and recommended to schools.

The board planned to extend the CCE scheme for the Classes VI to VIII from the year 2006. It is planned to implement the scheme in two parts. One is Academic and the second one is non-academic aspects. The entire academic year divided into two terms, the first term is from April to September and the send term is from October to March.  Each term is consisting of two formative and one summative assessment. Grades will be given for assessments. It is nine points grading scale. The overall grade will be awarded by cumulating FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4+ SA1 & SA2. 

CBSE Directs Schools to Conduct FA4 in Accordance With CCE Scheme

CBSE Directs Schools to Conduct FA4 in Accordance With CCE Scheme

In non-academic aspects, the participation and achievement in the life skills, work education, visual and performance arts, attitude and values, health and physical activities. The students are to select any two activities from this above eight different activities. The object of this activity is to develop the student’s physical ability

The Board implemented the concept of an independent certificate of school-based evaluation to be Awarded by the school for all the students who passed CBSE Class X examination.  This is an additional certificate issued to the students which will have a footnote that, it is being issued the school which will let you know about the total personality of the student in academic and non-academic aspects in this study of classes IX and X. 

The main objective of the CBSE board is to provide stress-free and holistic education to all the students without any compromise. Analyzing and monitoring the quality of academics by accepting the feedback from different sources. Adopting innovative methods to achieve academic excellence.  To update the professional competency of teacher organizing various capacity building and empowerment programmes etc.

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