Digital Locker For Original Certificates And Documents: CBSE Supports Digital India Programme

By | July 10, 2018

DIGITAL INDIA is an initiative to renovate the working of government officials by transforming the paper work to the online documentation technique. This is the only technical project until now that received the approval of the Union Cabinet. Its aim is the digitalization which is possible with the help of internet connection allover India. For that our pm’s concern is to facilitate whole India including all the corners of the tiniest village, not on the map, to give them a broadband facility. This is a programme that charged Rs 1.13-lakh crore not only providing mile internet but also an improvisation in government working abilities, uplifting the IT skills. This programme is given a name pan-INDIA. The highlight is Modi government with the help of telecommunication department to establish the optic fibre network by June 2016.

This is the era of modernization where technique speaks and man is a robot of technology. Keeping this view in mind and a plan to convert India as a digital India is one of the most innovative approach of India’s biggest technocrat, the 15th Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. Furthermore he is somebody whose each open move is followed by subjects utilizing innovation driven social networking. As his decision crusade demonstrated to, Modi knows industry standards to utilize innovation to construct observations, furthermore bolster the nation and media about his perspectives and dreams utilizing innovation.

And after spending 100 official days as a prime minister it’s time for him to prove himself to be the correct decision of public. And Digital India is one of his success platforms.

Coming to its major phase we have digital lockers. The lockers are established in order to save our documents all via internet. In these lockers we can save our documents like birth certificate, domicile, caste certificate, educational certificate etc. by uploading them on the digital lockers. As through these lockers we can easily access them and can attach the required file through e-mails. These documents will not get leaked and are protected from being violated. Not only this all the government related works like driving license , lpg gas connections, admissions etc. will be directly handled through digital lockers. With the help of it one need not to carry a bundle of such files and are also protected even if there is some natural calamity etc.

Thus it makes our work easier and unperturbed. This will be done by linking our documents with aadhar card. So, aadhar card is our basic necessity now in order to justify that we are a citizen of India. Just with a click on share and the recipient will receive it via mail.

The biggest achievement is that the central board of secondary education (cbse) has declared that its entire work will be online and all the documents will be scanned then transferred where required. It also issues the mark sheets and certificates, all online. The Department of Electronics & IT is additionally meeting expectations with different substances to issue endorsements and records in computerized arrangements. Different substances incorporate state training sheets, government divisions that issue Voter ID card and PAN card, Oil PSUs that issue LPG books, and state government offices that issue proportion cards.

It is beneficial because it provides the facility to the occupants of 10 mb of free space to get to their archives through Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) furthermore safely store e-records. Not only this they can digitally sign the documents through e-sign online service.

The beta version of digital locker is taken care of by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and the Maharashtra government.

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