IIT Kharagpur Students Scoring Big With Brilliant Innovations

By | July 10, 2018

From a scooter that charges faster than your phone to a technology that makes walking on water possible, the young minds at IITs have come up with some brilliant ideas that will convince you that our country is one powerhouse of talent! As per the latest news under the IIT head, a group of students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur have developed a drone with the use of indigenous hardware and software.

The drones are being developed under the umbrella of institute’s Aerial Robotics Kharagpur (ARK) initiative and in the aegis of Prof. Somesh Kumar, Professor at the Department of Mathematics and President of Technology Students Gymkhana. They are being given shape at the Centre for Excellence in Robotics, funded by the Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) facility of the Institute. The Centre has received funding from the Institute to the extent of Rs 5 crore for 12 projects.

The drones would be able to take autonomous flights, track and contact other robots and drones, besides being able to function in places which are GPS-disabled.

About Aerial Robotics Kharagpur

Aerial Robotics Kharagpur is not an institution as from the name what it may seem. But, it is an enthusiastic group of students working towards building autonomous aerial vehicles, based at IIT Kharagpur. Here students hope to or get a chance to work on a network of flexible aerial robotics which can have multiple uses such as assistance in search and rescue operations, controlling aerial vehicles. The ARK initiative aims to develop a flexible aerial robotics framework, which can be easily used to control aerial vehicles and eventually move to multiple decentralised aerial robot swarms in an outdoor setting.

Robotics can be applied to a variety of fields such as agricultural technology, mining surveys and surveillance, among others. Aerial robotics is that part of science which helps in situations where the possibility of human interaction poses a problem or fails.

There are several other projects on which the students of ARK are working. The drone project is just one of them. Some of the other projects include underwater vehicle movement and 3D printing, among others.

Other Achievements

Students from the ARK took part in the International Aerial Robotics Competition at Beijing in China in September this year where they won the Best Team Cooperation Award.

Four final-year IIT students decided to try and solve the problem with an electronic prototyping platform for the masses, which would eliminate glitches.

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